Gala USA

Czech made sports equipment. European quality. Exclusive USA dealer.

Sports equipment made in Czech Republic. European quality. Exclusive USA dealer. /



Gala technology

Gala products are made from top quality materials. The base of the ball is formed by a butyl bladder providing the ultimate air retention . (3) Winding itself is applied using special winding machines, the parameters of which are controlled and monitored by a computer processing unit. (2)
This results in a uniform and stable winding showing perfect roundness which simultaneously contributes to long-term service life of the Gala balls.
The top layer material features synthetic polyurethane leather that provides the Gala balls with a characteristicfinenesson touch and also improves flying properties. (1)

New 2014 Gala catalogs:

Gala 10-panels volleyballs
Gala 18-panels volleyballs
Gala Beach volleyballs
Gala Basketballs
Gala Soccer balls


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